Wednesday, 13 May 2015


(cannot resist a mud puddle)

(what a little sweet face)

(on last week's "family date" to Jungle Jim's)

(shopping for bike parts)

(painting/trying on mom's rings)

(taking a little break after eating two hamburger patties at McD's)

(that face again)

(loves ATMs. waiting to get into the pool)

(he doesn't like to go too far from these steps at the pool or his dad. i have started bringing a magazine instead of a bathing suit to the pool. so relaxing and fun to watch these two play)

(visiting work after drop in playgroup with his babysitter)

Since getting back from Miami, I have just been loving doing our normal life. Going on walks with the dude. The second we open the front door, he bolts for the road, and runs down the hill, yelling "Run, Cohen, run! Not too fast!" It's so cute. Obviously he is used to us telling him to slow down all the time. He likes to run on people's yards all the way to our community mailbox. He loves checking the mail. After that, it's all about dogs, birds, and mud. I often end up carrying him up the hill back to our house. We are currently without a stroller, and I am thinking maybe we will just buy a wagon instead? Cohen is just a little too wiggly to be willing to sit in a stroller for longer than two seconds, which I love. 

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