Friday, 1 November 2013

my little man's pain

being a mama is crazy in so many ways. yesterday we were talking to a woman who is maybe seven months pregnant. at one point cohen started to cry loudly. immediately, the pregnant woman started sweating and turned bright red. she apologized, saying that her hormones have been making her get all fight-or-flight every time she hears a baby cry. she had to back away, and i could see that she could barely get her sentences together.

later on, last night, cohen was having a hard time falling asleep. sometimes he would be really smiley and just want to hang out with us, but sometimes he seemed super agitated, like maybe he had gas or he was teething. and i felt it deep inside. it feels like he is an extension of me, and when he seems irritated, my stomach actually hurts. i guess it is the most intense empathy ever. the hours passed, and eventually he did fall asleep. 

jon and i were talking about it later. he said that when cohen is upset, jon feels a strong urge to make him feel better. but it's not physical for jon. for me, it actually feels chemical. you really, really never understand what it feels like to be a parent until you are a parent yourself. that is the lesson that i have learned over and over with our little cohen. i feel so lucky to be a parent, and i also feel so lucky that cohen was not colicky. i can't even imagine what those poor mamas go through.

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