Sunday, 3 November 2013

my canadian online shopping habit

we live in a small town, population 7000 or so. we are lacking a lot of stores that i would normally shop at. a list of stores we don't have that i would probably shop at from time to time:

- superstore (one of my favs!)
- roots
- american apparel
- the body shop
- shoppers drug mart (ok, we have one, but it's one of the old ones that mostly only sells actual drugs)
- costco
- chapters (or any bookstore of any kind)
- sears (we have a little sears counter where you can order from the catalogue)
- gap
- any clothing store at all (except ardene's and a miniature pseudio)
- a store that sells baby stuff (other than walmart, which doesn't have much)
- ikea (or any chain furniture store)
- lululemon
- and the list continues.

basically, the shopping is pretty meager here. you might think that would mean me shopping less and saving money. but. online shopping. i love it. i love searching for stuff while breastfeeding, and i love when our mailbox is full of parcels. the most important thing to me when shopping online is that the shipping is within canada. i am so not a fan of having to deal with customs and duty. also, free shipping is awesome.

sites i love ordering online from:

- they have so much stuff. and free shipping with a minimum order. i order everything from sponges and laundry soap to gifts and baby clothes. plus they send you little samples of other stuff with your order. i am a slave to the free gift with purchase. i am truly addicted to this one. 

- indigo. my visa statement usually has at least three indigo orders on it. j and i love reading, and although we love our local library, we always need more books. and i always order gifts from here because the shipping is free, they gift wrap for a few bucks, and you can enclose a personal message.

- lussobaby. for baby stuff. they have sales all the time, and they have all the brands i like for bubba. their shipping is super fast, and usually free. we got coco's highchair from here, and i am always ordering the organic wipes from them.

- walmart. even though we have a walmart here, i order online instead. i dread entering our walmart because it is always so busy, and they never have what i want. the last thing i ordered was a nursing bra. it was here in just a few days. so much easier to order online. free shipping!

- lululemon. i love their tank tops, and i also love that you can send gifts really easily. free shipping and you can include a gift card. everything comes in cute little reusable bags.

- gap. i don't actually order from here very much, but cohen has received so many gifts from friends and family that shipped from gap. they always include a little personal note, which i love. free shipping.

- amazon. i am into amazon for buying really specific things i can't find anywhere else. i wanted this particular diaper wet bag, and couldn't find it anywhere, but amazon had it. the only thing is some stuff takes like three weeks to ship because it comes from outside canada. the shipping on some stuff is free.

the sites above are the ones i use really often. other sites we order from once in a while:

- roots. for their leather bags and boots. so good. free shipping. i have had some issues with their customer service in the past, but i think in general they are pretty good.
- MEC. we always have a running list of stuff we want from there, and then we place a big order a few times a year. free shipping.
- babies r us. we got all our big ticket items like the stroller and car seat from here. free shipping. 
- the body shop. i wait until they have a really good deal on the body butter and order ten of them. i am still working on my last shipment.

so, no, we probably haven't saved any money from having less stores to shop at around here. i might even shop more now since it is so easy. i'll be doing all my christmas shopping online this year, and having it shipped directly to my parent's house. less stuff to cram into our suitcase. do other people do most of their shopping online?

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