Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Like mother, like son

People say Cohen looks like me. My dad pulled out some old pictures from my baby album and scanned them. In this picture, I am around 7 months old. Cohen is 3 months old here. It's funny, I see that he looks like me, but I really see Jon when I look at Cohen sometimes.
I had the chance to hold a ten day old baby the other day, and I was shocked by how light he was. I figured maybe he has been early and was underweight. When the mom told me he was eight pounds, I was so surprised. Cohen weighed six pounds when he was born. He was so tiny, and I can only barely remember what it felt like to hold a baby that small.

He is changing so much every day. I think about what he looked like on the day he was born, with his huge fluffy black hair and his skin that was way darker than any other baby in the nursery. He is starting to look like a little boy, and I am loving every moment.

1 comment:

  1. Yip - your dad is right on this one. Almost identical. Too cute.


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