Thursday, 7 November 2013

16 weeks old!

our little dude is 16 weeks old today! some things about the last few weeks:

- he is still sleeping through the night. he usually falls asleep around 11 pm, and wakes up at around 6 am. then he nurses, and usually falls asleep in our bed for another half hour. i couldn't ask for a better sleeper.

- i think he has started teething. he spends so much time trying to get his hands in his mouth, and his face is always covered in drool.

- he loves it when we read to him. we've been grabbing huge stacks of baby books from the library every week.

- cohen also loves when j lets him try whatever we are eating. if j is eating a piece of fruit, he'll rub a little on cohen's lips so he can taste it. cohen always looks really confused at first, then thrilled. it's the cutest thing.

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