Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Cohen, the teacher

 (here the little girl is testing to see if cohen likes looking at the toy)

Yesterday was Cohen's first day as a "teacher" for this anti-bullying program at the elementary school near our house. The program is called Roots of empathy, and apparently it is popular in lots of other countries.

(the third graders "singing us out" at the end of the session)

It was so cute! Cohen wears a special t-shirt that says "teacher", and he sits on a soft mat in the middle of a class of third graders. They have to ask him permission to play with him, and they ask me questions about him. They asked me things like "can Cohen crawl?" and "what does Cohen eat?" At the end of the class they sing to cohen and each say good bye to him.

You never know how a baby will be with something like this, but he loved the attention, and didn't cry a bit. He was especially interested in a little boy who had pink hair. I am looking forward to going back!

The sweetest thing was when we arrived at the school there were two little boys holding a sign that said "Welcome Cohen and Jessica." Their job was to take us up to their classroom, and they took that job very seriously. One took my diaper bag and threw it over his shoulder, and the other led the way. Such a cool experience!!

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  1. What a wonderful experience for you all - and a generous giving of your time and family to that classroom. Congratulations!


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