Thursday, 31 May 2012

weddings, sisters, mothers

 (george street wedding planning)

(las vegas wedding dress shopping)

there is a truth about wedding planning that i wasn't expecting. it has brought me even closer to my mother and my sister. we have always been a close trio, but for the past year we text and talk every. single. day. i love it. when i could not look at one more pair of cream/white slightly wedged sandals that would suit all my bridesmaids, my sister was able to find something perfect. when i made the decision to keep the wedding really small, inviting only my most supportive and positive friends and family, mom was all about that. when j and i wanted to go paperless, they were on board. feeling pretty grateful for them, and looking so forward to marrying j.

side note: j played our "wedding song" last night, and we cried. well, i cried, and he looked more emotional than usual. love him so much.

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