Monday, 28 May 2012

on this weekend

 (j at a lobster restaurant near Summerford, NL)

(what i am assuming is lobster catching paraphernalia outside the restaurant)

 (dad recently gifted us this album. my absolute favourite album of childhood)

(the situation in the backyard) 

(post 5K run sunday morning) 

(medals. ps: j came in first, i came in 25th or so) 

(the latest book we are reading to each other)

it was such a good tiny town weekend. saturday we drove a few hours to check out a lobster restaurant that recently opened for the season. we listened to cheap trick on the way. i grew up listening to this record, and i know every word, even the little comments they make between the songs. sweet road trip music. soo the lobster restaurant was pretty cool and we will totally go back even though it is two hours away. sunday we did our 5K, which was a breeze for j, but a struggle for me. it felt awesome to finish. i was trying to keep pace with this one 10 year old girl. she totally beat me. then sunday afternoon we did a little reading out of our latest book. i am looking forward to watching the movie now.

when we drove by the airport this weekend (which is at least twice a day since this town was basically built around the airport) we both looked longingly. there's nothing quite like jumping on a plane to somewhere. our next trip is our costa rica honeymoon, which i am basically already packed for. quite looking forward to that one.

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