Wednesday, 16 May 2012

vegas part 3 (when my girls showed up)

(pics by the pool with our drink-fairy-godfather) 

(pool time)

(slots time)

so then my girls showed up. i don't even know how to explain how insane this was. the night before mom and krys were acting kinda weird, so when there was a knock at the door in the morning i was thinking, maybe special room service breakfast? but instead i opened the door to 5 of my favourite people in the world! i was speechless. it is a really long, expensive trip to make for a friend who is getting married, and i feel so lucky. the following days were such a blur. we had an amazing time. we: hung by the pool a lot, had drinks all over the place, gambled a bit, went to an awesome show, went to a special class, ate at cheesecake factory a few times, shopped, visited the top of the faux eiffel tower, got bridesmaids dresses, suntanned, went to a club. we didn't sleep much. more pics to follow

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