Friday, 18 May 2012

vegas part 5 (return home)

(latte at wired monk in halifax) 

(my airport scene)

it was the best trip. i am never going to be able to thank my mom and sister enough for organizing it, and our friends for coming. and then j and i spent the next 3.5 days in the airport. i think we logged 30+ hours of standby time in the halifax airport. it was insane. we drank way too much booster juice and starbucks. fyi, the fresh squeezed juice at booster juice is actually squeezed right in front of you. the beet/apple juice is amazing. i also had intense jealousy for everyone at the airport who had an ipad. and for a not-so-sweet mocha at starbucks, get it with soy milk instead. very good. 

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