Tuesday, 29 May 2012

gander's coffee scene

the coffee situation in gander is the most major issue j and i have with living here. so this is what is up: there is this one little coffee shop that used to be an extreme pita. they have not changed the decor, so when you go in, you feel like you are in the extreme pita, not the coffee shop. there is coffee, some saran-wrapped baked goods, some wraps. this one coffee shop closes at 4:30 pm, and is closed on sundays. this is all not great, but ok. BUT. the very first week we moved here, we visited this coffee shop. the tap at the sink by the cash was going full blast for no apparent reason. j asked about it, and the owner/manager said that it was broken and they just never bothered to get it fixed. we have stopped in every month or so since then, and the water is always running. today we walked by and the water was still running. that is a lot of water. 10 months of constantly running water. SO. we go to mcdonalds for coffee now. the coffee is good. and we use our bodum all the time. i really miss sitting in a coffee shop reading on a saturday afternoon though.

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  1. ahhhhhh - I used to live in Gander... and I had the same complaint....!! I am happy someone else feels the same about this issue as me!!!!


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