Friday, 22 January 2016

Library list

(puzzles at the library last week)

I've been reading. And I've been trying to shop my library, which is generally pretty painful since the librarian herself complained to me that they only get DVDs now, and almost no books.

There's more to life than this by Theresa Caputo. I am not a ghost/spirit/woo-woo person, but I love the Long Island Medium. I got the book because, um, my library sucks, but I kinda liked the book. One of her big messages in the book is to follow your instincts and your gut. And feel your feelings, which I think some people don't do well since we are so attached to our phones and suck.

This is happy by Camilla Gibbs. I liked this one a lot. I finished it in two days and wanted more.

Stolen lives: 20 years in a desert jail by Malika Oufkir. Oh man. This one is crazy. I can't believe this actually happened. And so recently too. This world is crazy.

Dolly: My life and other unfinished business by Dolly Parton. So this one was hard to get through. I was most interested in her marriage (spoiler: it's a weird one, but they have been together since Dolly was practically a teenager and they are never splitting up), and her surgeries (spoiler: lots, all the time. no shame). The book was hard to read and yet it made me love Dolly a little more and want to visit Dollywood so bad.

The Bling Ring by Nancy Jo Sales. This one started as an article for a magazine. Then it became a movie. Then a book. I think the magazine article would have been plenty. This book feels like the author is just trying to achieve a higher word count. I would chop entire chapters that are so boring.

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