Friday, 8 January 2016

Cohen's 37th flight

(above the clouds over Halifax) 

(watching Mickey) 

(fast asleep)

I may have missed a few flights, but Cohen has been on at least 37. He has never been out of the country, and only to Toronto three times. Most of those flights are from NL to NB or NS. He is seriously good at traveling. He absolutely loves going to the airport and getting on flights, so he is always in the best mood when we are there. 

Our travel routine:

- We live two hours from the airport, so we either try to drive when he will have a nap or when he is fresh and awake and happy. He gets to watch shows in the back and we always get coffee and fries on our way out of town. 

- In airports, there is usually a kids area and always a water fountain and a huge window to watch airplanes, so basically the best entertainment ever. We let him run around a lot in airports to try to get him a little tired. We slacked on hand sanitizer and hand washing this last trip, so Cohen ended up getting sick when we got home. Those airport play areas are probably so dirty!

- For the past 6 months or so we have let him bring his own backpack, which he/we pack with his beloved teddy bear, his Mickey mouse, the iPad, his headphones, and a dinky or two. My bag is always stocked with as many snacks as I can. Gluten-free pretzels, yogurt-covered raisins, clementines, apples, dried banana slices, etc. Due to allergies, we are a little limited with airport food. Jon brings the "dad pack" filled with jackets, sweatshirts, etc. And we always bring a few stainless steel water bottles to fill up after security. 

- On the flight he has to wait until the seatbelt sign goes off before he can wear headphones. This has been hard in the past, but at 2.5 years old, he seems to get it. He usually falls asleep on at least one flight in the day, so we always have a sweater or scarf to cover him up. 

The past few trips have been actually relaxing for Jon and I. I couldn't say that a year ago. We get magazines and actually read them. We even had a beer on the plane while Cohen was asleep on Christmas Eve. So awesome. We have a few trips planned so his flight count will definitely hit 40 before he is three. And we are hoping to do an international trip in 2016. Maybe Ireland? 

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