Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A few Christmas holiday pictures...

I can't believe it's already mid-January!! Anyways, I decided to bring my big camera to my parents for the holiday, and we probably took 150 pics. My siblings and their spouses and kids were all home for five days, which equalled 8 adults and two toddlers. We spent a ton of time eating and hanging around the kitchen. Also puzzles, sliding, gift exchanging, etc. It was the best. 

(Cohen walking my parent's little dog, Lucy)

(getting ready for some baking)

(he made gluten-free brownies with my mom. he loved it)

(loved playing hockey in the driveway)

(cousins playing hockey)

(reading stories on Christmas Eve)

(Cohen and my bro)

(grandparents. the best)

(cooking in the kitchen)

We used to be a resort-vacation-for-Christmas kinda family (I think we spent 7 Christmases on resorts or in airports), but ever since my sister and I became mothers, we have been doing the holiday in small-town NB, and we love it. It means a lot more work for my parents, but they claim to enjoy getting the house ready and baking and cooking and buying lots of toys for the kids to play with. 

Notes. So many notes:

- Cohen has been sleeping in my mother's walk-in closet since he was a babe, but this year, it felt a little tight. He can't fully stretch out in his travel crib, and he just wanted to sleep either between my parents or between Jon and I. We had a few rough nights. By we, I mean my parents, who got up at 4 am with him a few mornings. 
-  We discovered Cohen's obsession with puzzles. 24-piece puzzles are a joke for him. We were impressed. 
- Jon and I took a day for ourselves, where we went out for lunch, went shopping, and walked around downtown. So nice. Daytime dates are ideal for this thirty-something-year-old. 
- We were all in bed by 10:30 pm on NYE. No regrets.
- I was able to catch up with two different groups of friends from high school, which I consider a big success. My best friend from elementary/middle/high school came to pick me up one morning. While I was getting ready, I heard her laughing with my family in the living room. Brought me right back to my childhood! So good. The hardest part about getting coffee/drinks with old friends is you need more time. We totally skip small talk and end up talking about the most interesting things. Also gossip.
- Cohen and his cousin Grayce. So cute together. Grayce is super outgoing and Cohen is shy, so they took a few days to warm up to each other. G kept copying everything C did. And C kept telling G to be careful. I wonder what it will be like when they are teens.
- My sister dyed my hair, thank goodness. She did it late-ish one night, and was feeling pretty 8-months-pregnant tired, so I am pretty grateful. She gets my hair better than anyone.

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