Monday, 4 January 2016

Iphone pics....

(mailing a letter to Grandma)

(reading at the library)

(watching Christmas songs on youtube)

(enjoying a two hour flight delay)

(this was as close to a bath we got over the holiday)

(flights, lots of them)

(my cool guys)

It's been such a busy and awesome three weeks. Cohen was so into the lead-up to Christmas this year.  We flew to NB to stay with my parents on Christmas eve, and stayed until new years day. Cohen is such an excellent traveler. I think it's mostly because he rarely gets to watch tv at home, so he is just so thrilled to watch Mickey on flights. I have lots more pics and lots more to say about our holiday once I have a little more time and sleep. Cohen slept between Jon and I last night because he was coughing and sneezing so much, so we are all a little exhausted. Kids get sick so much!! 

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