Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Things I learned at the National Dental Convention

(The one single pic I took at the convention. Our assistant and I)

1. We should all be asking our hygienists to use a fluoride varnish instead of fluoride foam, rinse, or gel. This is pretty common sense, but the really thick varnish hangs around teeth way longer and we end up ingesting way less than the foam/rinse/gel. Especially important for kids.

2. The Merchant Tavern is an awesome restaurant to go for a good meal in St. John's. Jon and I had the best meal of our lives there. No kidding. I don't even know what they put in the beet salad, but I am still thinking about how great it was. Also, dating your husband= a good thing.

3. The average momma dentist takes about three months off after having a baby. I only talked to four other moms about this, but three months seems to be the norm. I ended up taking 3.5 months off.

4. Grinding and clenching our teeth is bad! And so many of us do it. Your teeth should never be touching unless you are eating. So separate those teeth.

5. Never assume they are going to feed you. Even if you are going to the kind of thing that you paid a lot of money to attend and they usually always have food. Just throw a banana in your bag, always.

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