Thursday, 24 September 2015

Wedding hair drama

So the bride gifted us all with updos for the wedding, which was so fun and awesome. When mine was done and I walked back to join the other girls, they all started laughing. It was bad. I asked if they could fix it because those curls were falling out super fast, but the girl had gone home, so whatever.

(an hour after getting my hair done) 

(after one of the other bridesmaids fixing it up for me)

So I sent a pic to my sister, who promptly told me I needed bobby pins so I could put that mess up into a side bun. So we did that, and it was all good. Crisis averted. Really, it was no big deal, and no one cared how my hair looked, especially me, but I did love having my sister able to diagnose the problem via texting. I've only had my hair professionally done a couple times, and never experienced the style falling out so fast. I dunno. In the future I will definitely ask the stylist for a handful of bobby pics for emergencies later in the night.
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