Sunday, 6 September 2015

The long weekend thus far (and berry picking)

(biking all the time) 

(a raspberry picking selfie)

(raspberry face) 

(I let Cohen take the polaroid to pick blueberries) 


It is serious berry-picking season here right now. They are everywhere. When we go out to the backyard to kick the ball around, I get distracted by all the ripe wild raspberries everywhere. And we went for a hike, but there were just so many blueberries, that we had to quickly eat our snacks that I had packed so we would have containers to put all the blueberries in. I am obsessed with these berries. I have made blueberry scones, blueberry oatmeal, blueberry jam, blueberry crumble. And I still have tons of berries in our fridge and freezer. I'm thinking maybe blueberry ice cream next? I have never seen such amazing berry-picking conditions. I could probably go on about berries forever, but I have to go make more muffins.
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