Monday, 31 August 2015

Hotel Review: Ramada Hotel, St. John's, NL

We stayed at the Ramada hotel in St. John's last weekend when Jon was competing in a triathlon.  I chose this hotel because the location makes it super close to the town of Paradise, where the triathlon was happening. 

Price: $205 (taxes included) for a room with two double beds and a little kitchenette. Pretty normal for the area.
Bathroom: Small and old-looking. Nothing special.
Breakfast: No. Since we were out the door by 7 am for the triathlon, that was cool for us.
Wifi: Yes, good. We watched Netflix on our iPad (so addicted to Friday Night Lights right now).
TV: Good. We watched cartoons at 6 in the morning.
Pool: Nope. Totally should have a pool.
Location: Really close to the mall and Starbucks and stuff. Not awesome if you want to be downtown, but good if you are prepared to drive everywhere.
Parking: Free, but we actually had a really hard time finding a spot because there was a wedding happening.

- We had supper in the restaurant off the lobby. OMG. The worst meal ever. I could not eat my scallop salad, and Jon's stir fry looked like soup. Cohen's burger was hard as a rock, and the restaurant was super hot. Definitely no AC where we were sitting. Maybe the breakfast would be good?
- The first thing we do when we walk into a hotel room is try to find a place we can put the travel crib that will keep Cohen separate from us so we can hang out after he goes to sleep. Usually there is a closet-ish area or sometimes a separate bed area. At Ramada, they actually showed us all their room styles, and no rooms were conducive to baby/toddler sleep. So we put Cohen in the bathroom with a sheet over the door since the door wouldn't actually close with his crib in there because it was was tiny. Awkward but worth it.
- We used the hotel's travel crib and it was covered in ketchup on one side. So gross when I went to move the crib and found my hand in a sticky mess. But it happens.
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