Thursday, 31 October 2013

recently and happy halloween!

(little man all swaddled up)

(tummy time is not his favourite time)
(pumpkin scones from here-sooo good)

it snowed last night here. like, there was at least an inch of snow on the ground when we woke up this morning. winter is here. i should be used to it by now, but i am always a little surprised when hardcore winter weather starts here so early. probably partly due to the weather, i am having to bake something sweet every day. j is not really into sweets, so if i make a dozen cookies, i eat 10.5, and he eats the rest. perfect. 

in other news only interesting to another new mom, we are trying to wean cohen from the swaddle. we left one arm unswaddled the other night at the hotel, and he got up three times in the night, compared to his usual one time. so we are back to the full swaddle, which just looks so cute. love him so much.

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