Monday, 7 October 2013

a few snaps from twillingate

(coffee outside the hotel)

(he's got style like his dad)

(loves him)

(hotel time=tons of pics of little man)

we did another three nights in twillingate last week. twill is a very touristy town, so it basically shuts down in september. there is just one restaurant to eat all your meals at, and all the little coffee shops get boarded up. with that, cohen and i ended up spending lots of time in the hotel room, which was fine with me. there's nothing like a good excuse to watch tons of bad tv. when j got home each night we would go to the restaurant for a long supper, then take dessert to the room. everyone keeps telling us how lucky we are to have a baby that sleeps while we eat out at restaurants. we feel soo lucky. cohen is the perfect baby for us.

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