Thursday, 10 October 2013

12 weeks old!

our little guy is getting so big! when i pick him up he feels so heavy to me! some things about the past few weeks...

- he doubled his birth weight a week or two ago. it makes me feel so good that he is growing so well from breastmilk exclusively.

- on that note, nursing is about a million times easier now compared to the first few weeks. i think he is better at it, so it is quicker and more time passes between "meals" now. it feels really natural for me, and i really do feel honored to be able to nurse, as i know a lot of women struggle with it.

- we found a babysitter.  i am returning to work part time early next month. i have such mixed feelings about this! although i will only have been off for less than four months, it already feels like forever. hopefully i remember how to do my job. just kidding!

-our baby keeps getting cuter. i don't even know how it's possible, but it is.

ps: see 10-weeks here.

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