Thursday, 17 October 2013

life lately

(cinnamon buns from here)

(government issued toys for bubba)

(searching for the perfect bottle for cohen)

(naked baby before a bath)

(puzzling and beers)

apart from having our family visit over the holiday, we've been slowly easing in to fall. i've been doing lot of baking. i am going to blame the breastfeeding for me needing sweets all the time. i ate all those cinnamon rolls in one day by myself. no joke. colder weather is for eating baked goods, right?

we've also been trying to find the right bottle for cohen. since i am heading back to work in a few weeks (it's going so fast!), we need cohen to take a bottle. i am pumping daily, and jon is attempting bottle feeding every night. so far the winner is the vital baby bottle far right.

cohen had his first immunizations a week ago. a needle in each leg. it really wasn't so bad as i thought it would be. i discovered that the government of newfoundland and labrador issues a toy, a few books, and a diaper bag to each baby. so interesting. i wonder what other provinces do?

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  1. NB and NS both do a book bag for babies :)! And I believe Kisses Kisses Baby O is included in both (or was!) It's a lovely little program!


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