Monday, 21 October 2013

Life lessons: never cut baby fingernails

This is so hard to write about! But maybe it will save another mom or future mom from doing what I did.

So  a week or so ago I was cutting little munchkin's fingernails with those tiny fingernail clippers. I finished his left hand, and was starting on his right, when a look came over his face of total shock. I had cut his sweet little thumb! It started to bleed, he started to scream, I started to cry. It was seriously  such a terrible feeling that I had hurt my sweet little man. I applied pressure (it was not bleeding much, but definitely more than a paper cut), and called Jon at work. I said I was taking Cohen to the hospital (looking back, that was probably not necessary at all). Jon was so good and calm. He said maybe I should call the nurse before I drag baby Cohen to the ER. I called the nurse, and she told me the story of how the exact same thing had happened to her, and how it happens to tons of moms. That made me feel better only a tiny bit. Anyway, she recommended I apply a tiny swipe of polysporin, cut a bandaid really small, and keep Cohen from putting his finger in his mouth. I decided to make Cohen wear  sock on his hand for the whole day just to be sure. I took the above picture to send to Jon at work, just so he would know that we were all good. Doesn't Cohen look so sad and sweet! Anyway, I will not be trying to cut his fingers again until he is maybe ten years old. 

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