Tuesday, 7 August 2012

things to do in monteverde, costa rica

(on a guided nighttime hike)

(cool butterfly)

(this tree strangled a tree that was inside it. true)

(beers at belmar)

(just a little something on the side of the road)

things to do in monteverde (aka, the most magical place):
-guided night walk to see nighttime creatures. $20 each i think. we saw a sloth, a tarantula, a bunch of cool insects
-guided morning hike through the cloud forest. $55 each. we saw all these cool birds. and spider monkeys, snakes, insects. one of the best 4 hours we spent. we feel like we know roberto, our tour guide. we practically miss him. 
-bungee jumping. $60. i did not do this, but j did. it looked absolutely crazy!! you can also do ziplining, or walk on suspension bridges. 
-eat at the treehouse restaurant. there is a giant tree in it, which is cool. we ate here, and it was normal pricing and good food. 
-other things which we did not do since we were loving chilling in our suite: visit the cheese/ice cream factory. visit the coffee/chocolate factory.

notes on monteverde: most of the schools were started by quakers from alabama, who are pretty passive and calm people that fit right in with the costa ricans. when a kid starts to go to school, they have meditation for ten minutes every day. by the time you get to high school, you are doing over an hour of silence a day at school. there are no janitors in schools. the kids have chores, and clean the school themselves. pretty cool

and don't worry, i'll probably be done writing about the honeymoon soon. 

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