Wednesday, 1 August 2012

hotel review: costa rica yoga spa, nosara, costa rica

we travelled from la fortuna to nosara on the coast of costa rica. the drive was long, and the last hour or two were the worst roads i have ever experienced. we stayed at the costa rica yoga spa. it gets really good reviews on tripadvisor.

(enjoying the small pool overlooking the mountain) 

(yoga hut) 

(our room)

price: we ended up paying close to $400 per night. this includes all your meals. still, that is pretty steep for the area
bathroom: new and beautiful
pool: small but the view was amazing
breakfast: included, along with lunch and supper. breakfast was really good. lots of fruit, fresh juice, pancakes, etc. served at 8:30 am
location: ok, it is up in the mountains. people usually go to nosara to surf, but this hotel is at least a ten minute drive to the beach. and the roads are soo bad. the view is awesome, but j and i are pretty much all about the beach.

cons: the other thing we weren't really into was the meal situation. meals are served at specific times. we never made the trek back to the hotel for the lunch, so we lost out on that. and supper was served at 6:30, which meant we couldn't chill and have a beer at the beach in the early evening. we had to go back for supper, since the meals are included in the price of the room. 
also, there was yoga, but only once a day at 5 pm. that was totally fine for j and i, but if you are going for the yoga, maybe you would want more yoga.
pros: the howler monkeys. they came so close to the breakfast table (which is outside), and there were at least ten of them, including babies. it was an amazing experience. 
and the dude who owns the yoga spa was really cool about preparing us water to take to the beach, renting us towels and boards, etc. 
i think this place would be perfect for a big group of people, but maybe not so ideal for a honeymoon

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