Wednesday, 15 August 2012

past and plans

I love travel, airports, passports, road trips. and i love the tumblr blog a well traveled woman. she once listed off all the places she has been.

these are the countries i have been:
canada (i live here, obv)
usa (lived in texas 3 years)
germany (lived there for a few years)
denmark (my dad is danish)
sweden (had lunch here once)
peru (hiked inca trail)
argentina (wine in mendoza)
turks and caicos (most beautiful beaches in the world)
dominican republic (a few march break trips)
cuba (christmas there once or twice)
mexico (been here numerous times. on the coast and along the texas border)
bermuda (a very close friend lives there. also, it is awesome)
england (london hosteling)
france (as a child and later backpacking in paris)
holland (amsterdam backpacking)
belgium (backpacking trip)
costa rica (honeymoon, of course)

and i would love to visit iceland, italy, greece, morocco, turkey, australia, trinidad. and there are still so many parts of canada that i haven't seen. j and i have been talking about taking a long train trip across canada in the next year or two. also, j and i are headed to france next weekend. little known fact about france is that they own a tiny island off the coast of newfoundland. apparently everyone still speaks french exclusively, and you have to go through customs and everything. very excited


  1. Hi Jessica, don't forget you went to the zoo in Basel, Switzerland and swimming in a pool in Strasbourg. France


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