Thursday, 9 August 2012

hotel review: melrost b&b, san jose, costa rica

for the last night of the honeymoon before a super early flight out of san jose, i had originally booked us into a fancy hotel in downtown san jose. but the dude who worked at the car rental place told us that place is way too far, and that really we should be staying at the melrost b&b. he quickly had it all arranged, including free shuttles to and from. we should have known that he was related to the owners of melrost...

(our creaky little bed) 

(our balcony with a view) 

(the bathroom complete with nightlight)

price: $75 including airport transfers. i think this is cheap for san jose, but seriously
bathroom: i wore my sandals in the shower. enough said
pool: there was a kiddy pool packed with kids right by the entrance when we got there.
breakfast: included. it was a to-go breakfast. orange drink, a little banana, a prepackaged "tiramisu" cupcake.
location: in a sketchy-feeling part of town. though close to the airport
notes: this was a funny way to end our honeymoon. there was clearly no restaurant on-site, but they provided a map to the nearby mall, which had a food court. so we ate there, then rushed back to the "hotel" because we were scared to walk around after dark in this neighborhood. there was no signage to show that this place was indeed a b&b. on the plus side, the staff were really nice. really, this place was a hostel by my standards. 

k, i think this is the last hotel review i'll do for a while. 

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