Monday, 6 August 2012

hotel review: belmar hotel, monteverde, costa rica

so i think the way to my heart is with a welcome tropical juice drink. and with a tray of fruit in the room when we get back from supper. belmar hotel up in the mountains in monteverde was lux. 

price: it doesn't even matter, since this place was the best place we have ever stayed. but it was around $350 a night i think
bathroom: so good i took a picture. the shower was huge and the shampoos and conditioners all had smells like mango dream cream, banana flowers, etc. fluffy robes and slippers, of course
pool: none, but there was a big hot tub outside for everyone to use
breakfast: included. buffet, with omelets, homemade granola, pancakes, etc. and fresh juice. and the amazing costa rican coffee
location: up in the cloud forest. the roads to this hotel were terrible, and the temperature is way cooler than along the coast where we were before

it may be clear that j and i fell in love with this place. this is the one place that i can see us returning to on our 5 year anniversary. maybe sooner. the staff were all super friendly and helpful. and there was a free coffee service, so anytime you felt like having coffee, you called the restaurant, and they delivered it to you all fancy-like. also, the towns of monteverde and santa elena were so lovely. there were so many little coffee shops and bakeries, and there were tons of students reading and chatting all over the place. and it felt really clean, maybe because of the colder, rainier weather.

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