Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Things you may not know about sea turtles

As told to us by the sixteen year old tour guide at ostienal beach. The tour we took was at like 10 pm, and was one of the most awesome things we have ever seen. We actually got to watch Laura the sea turtle lay her eggs. Laura always comes back to the same place, and is known for high production

1. Sea turtles can lay up to 80 eggs in one sitting
2. Only maybe ten percent make it
3. The eggs look like soft, slimy golf balls
4. Some people love the taste of the eggs, but it's illegal to take the eggs and eat them
5. The sea turtle cries the whole time she's making the egg nest to keep the sand out of her eyes
6. It takes maybe an hour or two for the turtle to come up the beach, make her nest, lay the eggs, then return to the ocean
7. Sea turtles can live to be like 100 years old, but only lay eggs while they are young
8. They never see their babies. So the turtles are born knowing how to make the nests and lay the eggs 9. The female turtles have visible scars from the claws of the males grabbing them during intercourse 10. The turtles come back to this same beach every year.
11. In September when the babies hatch, there's like half a million turtles on the beach. The locals worry about the windows and doors of their houses getting smashed in( this seemed crazy to me, maybe that's not what he was saying)
12. K, so there are actually turtle police here, and they guard the nests against hungry dogs and people who want a taste of the eggs.

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  1. I love how the turtles name is Laura, it must be some sort of a sign. glad you guys are having an awesome time! xoxoox Laura


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