Monday, 9 July 2012

hotel review: anchor inn, twillingate, NL

so we stayed at the anchor inn last night. we had booked a site at a campground, but changed our minds when we heard thunder and saw lightning. we were eating at their restaurant for supper, and the power went out! the chef couldn't see the food as it was pitch black in the kitchen. j ran out to the truck and brought back our headlamps and lanterns for the kitchen staff to use. they were pretty grateful. i ended up pouring tartar sauce all over my salad because i couldn't see what it was. oh my. 

price: average for the area. around $105 per night, no breakfast
bathroom: umm, pink and old
pool: none, but right on the harbour.
breakfast: none!
tv: yes, but the reception was dicey
location: sweet for twill. there are tons of things to do right around there.
parking: plenty, free.
notes: so the windows don't open in the rooms. the room was soo stuffy. also, the food at the dining room is amazing. we have tried a lot of their menu, and it is for sure the best food in twillingate.

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  1. Jess, you guys saved us with those headlamps! Our chefs were able to continue serving more than 80 hungry people a meal during the power outage. Thanks again!

    As for the rooms and TV... we're working on it. Our achievement of the week is that we can now say each room has wireless high speed Internet and a new roof on the hotel. Then, It may not seem like much, but when we're done, I am writing the book..or... blog!

    Thanks again for helping out and visit us again!


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