Friday, 6 July 2012

it's friday

(picnic supper earlier this week)

this week has been a blur. no matter how organized we have been with the wedding planning, there are so many loose ends to tie up in the days leading up to next saturday. there are lists to finalize, seating charts to verify, suits to alter, gatherings to attend, work to do. i can see why some people take the week before their wedding off from work. it wasn't really an option for j and i since we are taking our honeymoon right after the wedding. i am more than lucky to have my sister and mother (aka florist and wedding planner/stylist) putting so much time into this. 

j has planned a mini getaway for us this weekend. we have to work right up until we leave next week, so i feel like we need a little chill time this weekend. life is good. 

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