Thursday, 26 July 2012

Surf tips, continued

So I had another surf lesson, and learned a little more:

1. If you have the choice between an instructor who is a white guy that says he can teach you "all you need to know" on a yoga mat miles from the ocean, or a tico named Juan who owns his own surf shop at the beach, go with option number two.
2. when Juan yells at you because he "always" tells you to have your feet in the centre of the board, don't be offended, he's trying to help.
3. When Juan yells "do you know the meaning of the word only? Yes. Ok, then only!!" when referring to the fact that you should only pop up if you are for sure going to catch the wave, again, don't be offended.
4. When you are begging for the lesson to be over after an hour and A half in the water, be ready, because Juan might not be ready to quit.
5. When the lesson is finally over, and Juan says "the first time you caught a wave and got up, your hair was still dry. That was cool", take that as an amazing compliment I caught some was amazing.

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