Monday, 30 October 2017

Our first road trip with baby Will

We took our first road trip with 5-week-old Will this weekend to PEI. Jon's parents live there, and sometimes it is a little easier for us to come to them. They were just a little excited to meet the baby. The drive is a little less than four hours, but of course it took us way longer because we had to stop a couple times for the baby to eat. We are lucky that my sister lives just off the highway in Moncton, so it's always an ideal place to stop and run around and have lunch. We opted to stay in an AirBNB this time, which was such a good move. We were able to have Jon's family over for supper both nights, and come back to relax throughout the day. 

 (our AirBNB was really new and clean with the best location on Grafton street in downtown Charlottetown)

(we loved walking along the boardwalk in downtown Charlottetown too) 

(I have always loved checking out the Charlottetown market, ever since Jon and I started dating ten years ago. It's pretty much the same still. Cohen got his grandmother flowers) 

(Jon and I had some oysters at 10 AM. So good) 

(Cohen loved playing at the condo. He also LOVED the elevator) 

(We spent some time on the balcony since the weather was awesome) 

(this guy loves being in the Ergo) 

Jon's parents were completely in love with baby Will, and it was so cool seeing them loving on him. And PEI is so beautiful in the fall. We had such a great time. We brought Will's moses basket for him to sleep in, and he slept beside me like he does at home. None of us slept great at night, but Will basically slept for the entire drive both ways, which was so awesome. Jon and I listened to podcasts while Cohen watched shows on our iPad. We were already doing road trips with Cohen at around this age too. I forgot how portable and easy newborns can be, as long as you don't mind getting no sleep. Having a newborn really made Jon and I realize how easy Cohen is now when it comes to travelling. He goes to bed super easily wherever we are, and can be bribed super easily. And he loves longer drives because we let him use the iPad which he is not allowed to use at home. I love our little family of four.

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