Monday, 23 October 2017

Cohen's Fourth Birthday

Cohen turned four in July, and for the first time, wanted to have a birthday party. We have never done much for his birthday, partly because we were in Newfoundland, and partly because he never seemed interested in a party, and partly due to allergies (last year, the year before). This year he was very clear. He wanted a strawberry birthday cake, and a superhero party. He wanted to invite specific kids, and send them invitations. 

(a candle in his oatmeal)

(thrilled with his strawberry cake)

(prepping for the party)

(decorating cupcakes)

(hand sewn batman capes for every guest)

My parents and I got a little carried away with the party planning for sure. My parents spend a week of evenings working on batman capes for all 14 guests. I ordered tons of prizes and loot bag stuff online. We went to the party store for lots of superhero decorations. I blew up hundreds of balloons with my dad's air pressure gun thing. Jon made the games (fishing, bean bag toss), and we had a piƱata. Cohen and Jon made every invite by hand. The easiest part by far was the food. We ordered a bunch of pizzas and a store-made cake. It was so fun! I am looking forward to years of birthday parties now. Cohen got lots of amazing gifts, and had the best time. I am already thinking about his birthday party next year like a crazy person. 

Favourite toy: All his lego mini figures. He sleeps with a few every night, brings them everywhere we go, and plays with them every single day
Favourite books: He loves his Spiderman stories so much. He also likes the Berenstain bears a lot.
Favourite article of clothing: He is less picky about clothes these days, but he wears his Spiderman pyjamas every other night for sure.
Favourite activity: He still loves running so much. He really likes to put on his Flash costume and race around the house. He also loves drawing comics with his dad these days. And Lego, always and forever. 

He is such a sensitive, sweet, happy, quiet four-year-old. We are so lucky!

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