Thursday, 19 October 2017

Cavendish 2017

This post is clearly super late, as we do our annual Cavendish trip in late July/early August. I haven't been writing in the blog at all for many months, but maybe I'll start again? I have a lot I want to write about. So this is the fourth time (2016, 2015, 2014) we have joined my husband's family for the annual beachy vacation. This year was a little different because we actually live in NB now, so we didn't have to fly and rent a car to get here. Sooo nice!


The cottage we ended up with this time had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a little smaller than last year's cottage. My sister's family of four had one bedroom with two double beds, and our family had the master bedroom with a double bed and ensuite bathroom. My sister did all the food again this year because it is so much easier to leave that job to one person instead of both families bringing things like condiments and cereal. Cohen and Gracie would get up the earliest, at maybe 6 am, with one-year-old Gage not too far behind.


This year Jon booked a photographer, so we all dressed in shades of blue one afternoon and took some family pictures. There were probably twenty-five or so of us. This year Cohen and Gracie were very into the older cousins.

(my fav three and four year old)

We started most days with coffee and then a big breakfast outside. The kids were really happy hanging around the cottage grounds, playing in the huge sandbox and chilling at the pool. Cohen would happily sit at the edge of the pool for hours, but refused to get in ever.


We did one afternoon at Sandspit amusement park, as usual. The kids loved going on a couple rides. It is so hot with almost zero shade, so I can't imagine doing an entire day here.

(sandpit planning)

(worth the wait for the bumper boats)

(my 32 week bump)

My bump and I enjoyed the super slow train ride. Cohen and Grace each rode maybe four rides.

(train love)

One afternoon Gracie and Cohen decided they wanted to do a lemonade stand like a character in a book they had read. They made the sign with a little help from a dad, and set up around supper time. Family members came by and bought glasses of store-bought lemonade. It was the cutest thing. They used their earnings to buy matching Cows shirts. They were thrilled and still talk about this all the time.

(lemonade stand)

(harry potter towel as tablecloth)

We ate really well the whole time we were there. We were able to buy some fresh lobster meat from a fisherman one day, and we embraced vacation food like box mix pancakes.

(boardwalk shopping)

As usual, we had the best time in Cavendish. I was feeling really quite pregnant during this trip, and loved being in the ocean or the pool. I also ate all the ice cream. Every day. Next year will be so different with a baby! Can't wait

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