Sunday, 8 February 2015

Thoughts on one

We have been getting asked when we are having another baby since Cohen was like 6 months old. I get a lot of opinions and a lot of assumptions. People say that we have to have another because it's only fair to Cohen. He needs a sibling. And people say we will regret not having another.

There are lots of reasons to have two. And there are lots of reasons to have one. It will be cheaper (toys, childcare, travel, school, the list goes on and on). We will have more time for each other. We will probably be able to travel more (not just because the flights will be cheaper, but because it is easier to travel with an adult to kid ratio of two to one). I had some complications with my first pregnancy, so I am at greater risk (10-25% chance of major complications) for a second pregnancy. But for us, logic doesn't really come into play. We are just going with our gut on this one. Right now, we are feeling like one child is perfect for us. We love being a family of three. Maybe someday we will feel differently. Maybe we will be drawn to adoption some day. I have no idea how we will feel a year from now.

If Cohen is our one and only child, we know that we will have to work harder to make sure he has lots of playdates. We will probably often let him bring a friend when we do an overnight into town or go camping when he is older. We will probably be the family that always travels on holidays to visit with cousins. That all sounds really good to us right now.

Lots of people have shared their thoughts on having one (here, here, here).

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