Sunday, 22 February 2015

This past weekend or two (and a Bachelor recap)

(making a valentine for dad) 

(drinking hot chocolate after a snowshoe) 

(milk at the coffee shop (aka Tim Hortons)) 

(he eats a lot)

(my dates on Friday evening) 

(eating grapes at the ski chalet) 

I had such a good weekend. On Friday we had a family date at our new local restaurant, Jungle Jim's (so classy, I know), and then Jon and I watched a lot of the Bachelor.* Then on Saturday Jon did a cross-country skiing race. It was a 17 km race on a cold, windy, brutal day, and Jon came in...dead last. It's strange because I have cheered him on for countless races (swimming, biking, running, skiing, etc), and he always finishes near the top. I loved that he came in last, because it meant he finished, even though it was hard. I thought about how someday Cohen might try to do something competitive, and maybe he will struggle. Jon will be able to tell him that it's cool to come in last, because it means you tried. As I waited in the ski chalet with Cohen, I could see that some skiers had opted out of the race because it was a super windy day. But Jon did it anyway, and I am so proud.

Other things that happened this weekend: Cohen and Jon went to a reptile show at the high school where they got to see a turtle and a snake. I went to a baby shower and brought meatballs (these were a hit). I did a workout or two (I love this one). We watched Birdman. Very weird, but good acting. Who doesn't love Edward Norton?

Read more bachelor stuff....

*On Friday we did a little Bachelor-watching marathon, which is the way to do it, because you can skip episodes 2-5 and just jump right into the good stuff. The last episode we watched was the hometown date episode. I have a couple questions. One, no one actually lives in some of these so-called homes, right? Like, one of the girls (Whitney) takes him to her home, which is clearly just a show-home. It's decorated in a way that no one decorates. Then another girl took him to her home (Jade), and it was a real live home. The couch was red plaid. There were ugly posters on the wall. That's what I want to see. Next question, why don't the girls take Chris to their actual apartments where they live? Wouldn't that be so much better?

Jon and I were talking about what it would be like to do a hometown date where our parents live now, and how that would be super duper awkward and funny. Jon grew up in this teeny tiny place on PEI. The first time Jon took me home, Jon and I had to sleep on a twin mattress on the dining room floor, which is also the very centre of the whole entire house. His parents pulled out this life sized poster of the time Jon did some modeling for a local clothing store. Jon was wearing khaki cargo pants that were maybe a little too short, those huge clunky doc martin-ish boots, and a tight ribbed black tee in the poster. I ended up getting pretty sick, and it was my first time meeting his mom, and I definitely knew it was important for me to eat the amazing meals she had made, but I was just so sick and had no appetite. Jon ended up going and buying whiskey, and I drank it with some tea, and felt a little better.

I think my point is that those hometown dates don't really tell you much about what your relationship will be like. Jon and I have never ever slept in the house he grew up in since that one weekend when we were first dating. I'm sure I didn't impress Jon's parents that weekend, because I was so sick I could barely talk. But it didn't matter at all, because Jon had already made his mind up about me based on the life that we had started to create together.

Just for the record, I am loving Whitney at this point. She seems almost too sweet to be true, but I think she's genuinely that bubbly and in love with Chris. I think Becca is cool, though her family made her sound like such a loser. And Kaitlyn is super fun, but I sorta see her more in the friend-zone for Chris.
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