Thursday, 5 February 2015


(Loves playing his dad's harmonica) 

(Doing a little stretching at an empty McDonald's. We visit at least once a week these days. Coffee and cookies for J and I, hamburger with no bun for Cohen) 

(Trudging home from getting the mail) 

(The faster, the better. J and I get a good little workout. This is in our backyard) 

(He loves playing in the snow) 

(Our second babysitter date ever. We went to a drinks and desserts event at the local ski hill. We have had lots of dates in the past 1.5 years, but we usually only ever have family or our daytime nanny watch Cohen. Having a real live babysitter is a whole other thing)

(Dude loves to wear these goggles we found on the street the day after halloween. On the street! And his new thing is packing his very own book bag for our weekly trip to the library.)

(On a recent breakfast family date. He loves to wear sunglasses. And drink coffee creamers)
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