Wednesday, 18 February 2015

19 months

 (funny faces after a homemade chocolate popsicle)

This is what's up with our 19 month old:

- His words! He repeats everything we say. His favorite words: big truck, oh no, snow plow.
- Things he loves to do: wash his hands at the sink while standing on his stool, put stickers on everything, hide in closets (even better if we knock on the closet door), play in the snow, ride on his sled, press the button on the blender, drink from a straw.
- He is recently kinda picky about his food. He eats all the faux peanut butter off his toast, but won't eat the actual toast. Tonight we had spaghetti, and he would only eat the rice noodles that had no sauce on them.
- He also loves to run back and forth on the couch, getting dangerously close to falling off the side. He thinks it is absolutely hilarious when we tell him to be careful, or slow him down. He laughs so hard he falls down. He basically thinks Jon and I are super funny when we are trying to tell him what to do.
- He calls me "dad" and Jon "mom" all the time. I really think he knows the difference, but he just finds it funny when we act surprised when he reverses us.
- Jon and I are constantly saying how great this age is. Really, he is so much fun. We take him everywhere, and we always have a great time with him. He is the best.
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