Monday, 20 October 2014

Thanksgiving weekend in St. John's

This is my family's second Thanksgiving in Newfoundland. Last year, we had a three month old, so everyone came to us, which was so great. But we wanted to try something different this year, so we rented a house and a car in St. John's. When my sister arrived at the airport, she called me, and was like, ok, they have a Focus for us. I was like, no, bigger. So she said, ok, an Impala. I was like, bigger. We are a huge family. She was like, ok, an Escape. Bigger. So we settled on a Flex, which was the right size with seven adults, two babies, and a ton of gear. We also had our vehicle, but still, we were crowded. We had such a great weekend, and I think it's nice to stay in a rental home because then no one person/couple feels like they have to be the host. We all took turns doing meals and dishes, and I loved that. 

(The dude took a few baths in that sink.  I want that sink)

(when he is naked, he runs) 

(Cohen did not love me cuddling Graycie)

 (walking around downtown)

(my sibs and the harbor) 



(uncle duties) 

(lots of walking*)

(getting ready to go) 

(Cohen in heaven with his new toy box and his grandparents)

(baby on a sheepskin)

*When we were getting ready to leave for a walk downtown, Kryssy and I were deciding who would get the Ergo, and who would get the stroller since we only had one of each between us. My brother was like, well, Cohen has legs that he can walk on. So shouldn't he walk? I was like, ok, point taken. So Cohen spent a lot of time walking between Jon and Spencer and loving it. 

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  1. Just getting caught up on your blog this morning Jess! It's great that you were all able to spend thanksgiving together! The part where you kept saying bigger to the type of vehicle, I was chuckling- I actually had to Google what a Flex was! Definitely nice you could all fit in together- and that you could just rent it- I don't imagine you'd want to drive around a boat like that all the time! I was going to ask what carrier Jon had Cohen in on his back in one pic, but that must be the ergo you refer to in the last paragraph? We just got a Tula and love it! (But I don't think Charlotte will be walking anytime soon! haha)


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