Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Library list

When the evenings start to feel colder and darker, I feel more like reading. And we are in this really sweet phase with Cohen where he is happy to play by himself near us, which means we can read magazines beside him. Such a small thing, but I really love these moments in our house with Cohen sitting on the floor piling blocks on top of each other while talking to himself, and Jon and I sitting with our backs to the wall, reading magazines and drinking a coffee. It's the best.

I am loving the Orenda so far. Jon just finished it, and loved it. I love the way he writes so much that I know Jon and I will end up with all his books. I liked Mindy's book, though it wasn't nearly as hilarious as Bossypants. I found it about as funny as The Mindy Project, which makes me laugh out loud maybe once per episode. But weirdly, if you want a book that makes you laugh super hard out loud, I think the best I've found was Let's pretend this never happened. The best, the weirdest.

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