Saturday, 25 October 2014

Some recent pics

(dude with a friend)


(another friend) 


 (he ran straight to the skidoos in this store, and climbed right on)

(would not get off the skidoo) 

(who can resist a big puddle) 

(these two. Cohen was basically swimming in that puddle)

I may have mentioned a time or two that our little town is lacking a few luxuries (like a coffee shop, a bakery, a market, a baby/kids store, etc). But the parks are cool. We have three that we frequent. One has the baby slide, one has the baby swings, and the third one has no baby stuff, but it's newer and closer. 

Anyway, there is this little girl who is always at my "main" park when we go. The first time we saw her there, she ran over and sat with Cohen in the rocks. He started eating them, and she started reprimanding him, and actually forcing the pebbles out of his mouth. He kept eating them, she kept grabbing them directly out of his mouth. I just sat 5 feet away, trying to keep my helicopter parent feelings from taking over. After that she picked Cohen up, and carried him up the slide. She sat him on her lap and went down the slide with him a few times. She assured me that she knew what speed to go down a slide with a baby since her friend's mom was a pediatrician. I kind of loved seeing a 9-year-old playing with Cohen. I think it's good for him, and it's probably good for that little girl. And Cohen never tried to eat pebbles again. 

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  1. I think I recognize that park! Just past the causeway? Halloween tonight! Don't forget to trick or treat around clearwater estates.. we may run into one another.


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