Thursday, 27 February 2014

on the weekend

(examining a beer can on flight 1 of 4) 

(a pretty corner of the baby shower) 

(safety instructions on flight 3 of 4) 

(early morning sleep between J and I) 

(reading magazines)

How is it already Thursday? Our long weekend ended up being extended a little more because of the blizzard conditions on our way home on Monday. We stayed an extra night in St. John's, which meant room service and buying me a new computer (my old Mac was 4.5 years old, aka ancient). 

Highlights of the weekend:

- Increased Cohen's flight count to eight. Not bad for a 7 month old. 

- Got to see my sweet sister's 8 months pregnant belly. She looks amazing. 

- Celebrated her baby girl's future arrival with lots of her friends. We got pedicures, drank wine (not Kryssy, though she was happy to keep our glasses filled), opened presents, hung out.

- Introduced Cohen to his grandfather on Jon's side. I think they liked each other. They even went for a swim together

- Drank lots of Starbucks. I know this isn't much of a treat for most people, but I love my half decaf soy mocha no whip. 

- Got to hang out in the hotel hot tub with Jon, just the two of us, while my parents watched a sleeping Cohen. This was huge. What a treat. 

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