Friday, 28 February 2014

Hotel review: Holiday Inn, St. John's, NL

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in St. John's on our way back from Moncton last weekend. We booked here mostly because I have a goal to stay at all the hotels in the area. I have weird goals. 

Price: We ended up in one of their large suites, which was around $210 per night, but you can get a normal room with a king for maybe $175. Steep, but really pretty average for St. John's
Bathroom: Old and plain. The type where the bathtub and toilet are in a separate tiny room from the sink.
Pool: None. And this is the type of hotel that really should have a pool
Breakfast: None! Also, This really felt like the type of hotel that should have some sort of continental breakfast
TV: Our room had two huge flat screens. It was the type of system that is really hard to navigate and super slow. Not ideal
Location: Maybe 5 minutes from the airport. Pretty convenient
Parking: Good, free
Wifi: Free


- Their crib was super old looking, but Cohen slept great in it.

- The hotel is attached to an Eastside Mario's. We ordered supper from them, and they charged us 5 bucks to walk it up to our room! You don't even have to go outside! Jon could have walked down in about 30 seconds for free. Also, our meals were pretty mediocre. Hard bread, pasta on a small cafeteria plate.

- The best thing about this hotel room was the bed. Very comfy.

- We would probably not stay here again. For the price, I would always choose Sheraton or even Hampton Inn over this hotel.

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