Tuesday, 18 February 2014

7 months old!

(sweet potatoes everywhere)

(looking sweet and chubby)

Cohen is 7 months old today! And I am very sick. Like, stayed home from work sick. We actually debated still getting the babysitter to come so I could stay in bed today, but I decided against that. Being sick as a mom is rough! I have been sleeping through his naps. And I set him up on the floor with all his toys and set up a little makeshift bed for myself beside him. He seemed cool with it. Anyway, he is 7 months old! This is what has been up lately:

- he is comfortably sitting all by himself. He loves to sit on his little blanket on the floor and play with his blocks. 

- he is far from mobile yet, but he has started scooting himself backwards a bit. jon put up the baby gate on the weekend just in case.

- he is eating more and more solids. his favourite way to eat is to shove his whole fist into the bowl of food, then shove the fist right into his mouth. he refuses to take food by a spoon from jon and i, but our sitter reports that she can feed him, no problem. he seems to like oatmeal the best. 

- lately he loves to grab the hair on either side of my head, and pull my head towards him. then he sort of tries to eat my forehead. it feels like he is basically saying "you are mine." really cute.

And that's all because I need to take advantage of this nap to get in a little more sleep!

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