Monday, 25 June 2012

on the weekend: comfort cove camping

(our typical camping setup) 

(my view) 

(freshly picked mussels)

on the weekend we drove the hour or so to comfort cove, nl. we found a place to camp, and set up for the night. i love heading out of town with j, even if just for a night. and camping is my favourite. j sets up our hammocks, makes our food, takes care of me. we picked mussels on the beach. i think i could pick mussels for hours. and we watched a movie on the macbook in the tent late at night. i know it's weird, but j and i love watching movies in our tent when we are camping. for some reason, it's so much better than at home. 

in other news, we are inside three weeks until we get married. despite promising myself to not sweat the small stuff about the wedding, today i found myself wondering if the wedding coordinator will remember everything, if the seating chart is getting done. dumb things. 

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