Sunday, 10 June 2012

hotel review: hometel, st. john's

growing up, we stayed in hotels a lot. sometimes we would be in a hotel for a few months when we moved to a new city. sometimes we would be in a different hotel every night as my parents tried to show us as much of the world as possible. i grew up loving hotels. my sister and i would rate the hotels based on things like continental breakfast, indoor pool, toiletries in the bathroom. now, j and i stay in hotels pretty often. we like to get out of town at least every other week. while we definitely prefer camping, newfoundland makes it hard by being super cold. all. the. time. 

this weekend we stayed at hometel in st. john's. this place looks like a row of fancy townhouses, but hotel rooms have been created inside. the rooms are nice, bright, modern looking.

price: reasonable for downtown st. john's. we paid around $150 per night
bathroom: there was only a standup shower. water pressure was weak.
pool: none!! no hot tub, nothing
continental breakfast: super minimal. toast, cold hard-boiled eggs, apples, yogurt, cereal.
tv: lots of good channels (i like to catch up on reality shows during hotel visits-very important!)
location: awesome. it's a nice little hike to signal hill from the hotel, and it is a five minute walk from downtown and lots of restaurants, bars.
parking: awesome. lots of it. no extra charge

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