Tuesday, 12 June 2012

moose monday

so it happened. i saw a moose. as it was smashing in to our little car. we are completely fine, which is why i can write about it. we started off on our usual long monday morning commute to twillingate. i said that i really felt that we were going to see a moose on the drive. i even got my camera out. the road to twillingate is really bumpy and twisty, so although the speed limit was 80, we were only going 65 or so. and then all at once jon was yelling, the brakes were on, and there was a huge moose on our windshield.

we were really lucky. the moose was just a calf. there were no cars behind us. j was driving pretty slow, and he saw the moose in enough time to slow down even more. they are so fast! the moose must have broken both it's back legs on impact. but she was alive for at least 20 minutes after, just looking around helplessly. it was really hard to watch.

i think i sobbed in j's arms for at least 20 minutes. it was a crazy morning. needless to say, we didn't make it to work this morning. before the moose, i had been telling j about all these little things i have been worrying about with the wedding. little things like seating charts and bottled water vs. punch. i am so done with worrying about all the little details. more than ever, i am just so looking forward to marrying him.


  1. jess!!! thats crazy!!! xoxoxo Laura

  2. Must have been very frightening - very thankful you are ok...well...

  3. Marty Forsythe12 June 2012 at 23:14

    Congrats not to many people can write about their accident with a moose amazing how it changes ones perspective


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