Monday, 9 April 2012

scenes from easter weekend

(harley getting his weekly bath) 

(j and lou lounging) 

(little lucy after a cold walk) 

 (boys playing makeshift golf)

 (foils while drinking fresh fruit cocktails and browsing for wedding dresses)

(a typical scene at my parent's house-some type of dancing game) 

(little lou- snow covered) 

(j and emma on easter sunday) 

(tiny commuter plane from fredericton)

we really enjoyed a super relaxing weekend at my parent's place in burton. we had so much amazing food, and got to hang out with friends and family we rarely see. we did some major wedding planning as well

visit to the market for fresh orange juice and running into old friends
cocktails made from coconut vodka and frozen strawberries (very strong)
practicing our short game in the backyard (i was on the golf team in grade 9 :)
a reunion with a high school friend i hadn't seen in 10+ years
hanging with the pups (we wish we had our own)
salon treatment in my mother's kitchen (my stylist sister is a pro)


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend:) We really should have let Krys do our hair way back when!

  2. So glad I got to see you my dear!! We'll visit again next time you are here!! :)
    Love, Crystal


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